We are fighting for housing for all in Tacoma.


We Demand:

1. The City of Tacoma must work with Tacoma Public Schools to put the Gault Middle School building and property into a permanent, community-controlled Community Land Trust. Put as many vacant, city-owned properties into the Trust as are necessary to house Tacoma’s entire houseless population.

2. Stop the sweeps. The city must sanction encampments in spaces that we choose. The city must provide the encampments with basic sanitation services.

3. Fire the police who killed Manuel Ellis, reduce funding for the Tacoma Police Department by 50%, and use that money for extremely low-income housing and social services.

4. End the tax breaks for real estate developers.

5. Stop spending money on bandaids and spend it on full-size, permanent housing instead.

6. For too long the City Manager position has been used as an excuse to stall progressive change in Tacoma. Remove the City Manager position and return power to elected City Council members.